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Tecnofluss is specialized in the manufacturing of systems with the integration of anthropomorphous, scara or brushless driven linear axis robots. Solution for food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

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Tecno Fluss makes complete systems with the integration of 6-axis anthropomorphous robots, Scara robots, robots with electric axis with linear guides driven by brushless motors. Solutions for the cosmetic industry, like mascara, lip-gloss, lip-sticks and cosmetic bags. Systems designed for spray dispensers of perfumes.
Pick&place solutions for manipulation and positioning of caps, dispensers etc..
Robotic isles for assembling for cosmetics and pharmaceutics.
Manipulation for loading and unloading of test tubes and little containers like sticks.
Possibility of remote teleservice and solutions for Industry 4.0.
With Tecno Fluss you have chosen a business partner of high reliability for the automation in your Company.

3-axis Robot with linear sleds

Application of filling and capping  for sticks: Mascara – Lip gloss – Lip sticks

Pick & Place application for caps and assembling operation

Scara robot

Applications of assembling and positioning of bottles – caps – cosmetic bags.

6-axis Robot

Applications of filling and capping for sticks of mascara- lip gloss – lip sticks

Pick & Place applications for caps and assembling operations

Robot integrated into monoblocks

Robots integrated into filling-capping-assembling systems, for charge and discharge of containers, bottles, etc…