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Monoblocks for Filling and Capping

Tecnofluss is specialized in the manufacturing of filling and capping monoblocks for liquid, semi-liquid, dense and doughy products in food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

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Filling and capping monoblocks are made in five basic models. They can dose and close several formats of containers and caps. They are used in the cosmetics for creams, mascara and liquids such like shampoo etc.. or in the chemical – food and pharmaceutical industries for production from 1.500 to 3.000 pcs/h.

From a conveyor belt the container is moved into the conveyor star, with an alternate movement driven by rotoblock it goes into the dosing station where there can be 1 – 2 or 4 volumetric dosers for dense products or 2 or 4 syringes for liquid products. Caps or undercaps feeding is made by a vibration tank.

From the insertion station, the cap is placed onto the bottle by means of several systems:
• manipulator with sucker
• head for release
• overturning system with sucker
• insertion by a pneumatic cylinder or sucker

Once the cap is positioned, in the next station it is screwed by the magnetic friction head and adapter depending on the kind of cap, for ex.: a clamping ring is used for pilfer-proof caps, while a ribbed cap is handled by a special head etc.. The magnetic friction head allows a very good execution of the closing, since it can be adjusted through the specific notches.

The next station is equipped for the control of cap presence with automatic rejection of the defective bottles, without machine stop.

The electrical equipment is controlled by PLC with inverter on all the motors. Control panel includes a buttons set with operator panel or touch screen.

Monoblocks for filling and capping with blowing machine – MRT 12

Suitable for the food industry, for glass jars with twist-off cap.
For production up to 2000 pieces per hour.

Monoblocks filling and capping for Cosmetics – MRT 12

Suitable for cosmetic industry, with  1-2-4 volumetric dosers.
For production up to 3000 pieces per hour.

Multiformats monoblocks for filling and capping – MRM 900 V3

Exclusive patent with automatic format change that allows the use of different containers without ever replacing the transport star.This solution enables to speed up the format change operations.

For production up to 2000 pieces per hour.

Rotary Monoblocks for filling and capping – MRR

Suitable for food,cosmetics and chemicals products, for PE bottles or glass bottles. With inlet cochlea into the transport star.
For production from 4000 to 10000 pieces per hour.

Monoblocks for little bottles such like mascara – MM2

Suitalbe for the filling of mascara and lip gloss in stick, with little brush and adapter viper.
Production 1500 pieces per hour.