14 May 2018

Blowing, Filling, Weight Checking and Capping Line – MR 6 – MTS 1 for Food

Production line for sauces, meat sauces, mayonnaise, honey, soups, etc…  Suitable for food products in glass jars with twist off cap. The line is composed by a rectangular motorized loading table Ø 800 mm, linear blowing machine with twist for jars overturning and blowing of filtered air by an impeller pump, filling monoblock model MR-6 brushless with 6 volumetric cylinders driven by brushless motors and anti-drop shut-off nozzles, heated hopper with horizontal blades stirrer for keeping the product homogeneous, all the systems are controlled by PLC with touch screen operator panel, station for weight checking and metal detector with automatic rejection in line without machine stop, capping monoblock model MTS-1 with one head suitable for twist-off caps, with alternate motion star, motorized accumulation table Ø 800mm