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Mixer and Turboemulsifiers

Tecnofluss is specialized in the manufacturing of turboemulsifiers, semi-automatic dosing machines and complete lines for filling and capping of liquid, semi-liquid, dense and doughy products in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

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Our turboemulsifiers are manufactured in stainless steel AISI316L with mirror-polishing inside and outside.
They are available in several sizes from 10 to 15.000 liters. They are equipped with turbine and dissolver with patented system, that allows to perfectly homogenize the product. The turbine is lubricated with close-circuit system without pump, so it avoids the wear and it is easy for maintenance.
They can be equipped with electric heating, by steam, by oil or with warm water circulation.
They have a cover with gasket and vacuum pump, the cover is vertically openable with pneumatic cylinder.
The blades are designed for a perfect mixing of product and the speed is adjustable by means of an inverter.
Control panel is available also with touch-screen panel.
For some products we execute double wall for the water cooling with mains water or prepared for chiller.
Also simple mixers and tanks are available, following customer’s needs.


Machine essential for the fusion of fat content and pasty products. Also useful to be combined with the turboemulsifier to speed up the processing time. Wheeled machine, it is available in different capacities: from 10 to 300 lt.


Turboemulsifier with planetary system. Planetary mixer equipped with blade and self-adjustable scrapers. Gap heating made by thermoregulated heaters, with steam or with warm water from water supply.
Turbine, disperser for homogenizing the products, particularly suitable in cosmetic sector for creams, shampoo, mascara, lip gloss, lip sticks, gel etc. All our turboemulsifiers are equipped with vacuum pump for taking out the air from product inside during the emulsion. Cover lifting and tank overturn driven by electrical motor.

Mixers and tanks

Available in several capacities from 100 to 3000 lt. Frame in stainless steel AISI 316. They can be equipped with load cells for making product recipes through the control panel with PLC and Touch Screen. Suitable for food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.